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SETAGO® App - Your step to digital work instructions

Step-by-step instructions made easy

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SETAGO® Tools - our solutions for Industry 4.0

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Worker guidance system – software for the digitalization of processes

Revolutionize the collaboration between humans, software and networked devices with SETAGO® App!

Our solution for your process optimisation

Do you know the following situation?

Your workplace processes are analogue. Fluctuations and incomplete documentation lead to considerable loss of know-how. Your employees lose time due to chaotic storage and search processes. But also during quality processes you notice avoidable time consumption and loss of information. Collected information is scattered in many tools. There is no uniform collection and documentation of data along the production process. In addition, finding and training qualified employees becomes a major challenge for your company.

If you have experienced these challenges, we have the perfect solution for you - the SETAGO® App!

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Logo von Setago mit Piktogrammen von Personen
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Olaf Steppat

The first step towards digitising your shopfloor has never been so easy!
The first expert discussion is all about you.

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How do you benefit from the SETAGO® App?

Digital assembly instructions

System guides you step by step through the assembly process

Simplified quality control process

Monitoring and documentation of quality and quality-relevant data

Intuitive tracking and tracing

Manual and automatic recording of process data, such as serial and batch numbers

Solution for the shortage of skilled workers

Assistant system enables faster training and work, independent of personnel

A central tool

All information and hardware connections on a single platform, always and everywhere available

Search and picking support

Eliminate the effort of searching for components

Grafik Produktion von oben
Grafik Produktion von oben
What is the SETAGO® App?

Digital assembly instructions as the basis of networked production

The assistance system SETAGO® App combines hardware and software and thus enables paperless production. Create your workflows centrally on one platform and execute them independently of terminal devices - always focusing on the networking of individual industrial components on the shopfloor!

Within the production orders and digital assembly instructions, collaborative robots, driverless transport systems, logistics systems, e-papers, higher-level software as well as controls of any kind are integrated. The SETAGO® app enables the linking of a wide variety of hardware in the work process. Analyses of production and cross-workstation work are covered as well as the control of intralogistics processes and the documentation of your know-how.

Grafik Produktion von oben
Grafik Produktion von oben

The software that gives you a competitive edge

Digital assembly instructions, paperless process documentation and simple quality assurance are just some of the advantages offered by the software
You have the choice!
Cloud or local installation?

Our SETAGO® software is available as a cloud-based app or as a locally installed version!

This is what Setago.io stands for

Concentrate on your core competence and leave the rest to us. We have the resources, the know-how and the passion

More transparency

Gain insight into your workflows and realise the full potential of your business


Our expertise enables you to find solutions quickly and reliably


Service, support and project management - direct, fast and personal


Fast communication and solution-oriented service

Intuitive operation

We focus on user-friendly operation

One partner

We offer the entire solution from a single source

"The products from setago.io GmbH have significantly improved our work processes. The product is intuitive, powerful and the customer service is excellent. Absolutely recommendable!"
Fabian Bodensteiner
CEO, Blacbird Technologies GmbH
Process sequence

Your path to digital production!

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Integration on the shop floor

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Training and support for the application

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The first step towards digitising your shopfloor has never been so easy! The first expert discussion is all about you.

Mitarbeiter von Setago.io
Olaf Steppat
Solutions Sales Manager
Solutions Sales Manager
Solutions Sales Manager
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